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Brother HG-131V5 labelprinter-tape

Brother HG-131V5 labelprinter-tape  


Brother HG-131V5 labelprinter-tape

High Grade P-touch Labelling Tape, 12mm, 8m
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Brother - Brother HG-131V5 labelprinter-tape
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Brother HG-131V5. Tape-lengte: 8 m. Tape-maat: 1,2 cm

P-touch High Grade Labelling Tapes:
Within some industries, large quantities of printing are required for certain busy periods, putting emphasis on high speed. For others, an extremely good resolution is paramount. Our HG tape technology has been designed with both of these requirements in mind. Possessing all of the same features as our standard TZ laminated tape, this tape additionally allows for high speed printing or high resolution printing.

The most popular range of TZ tapes is the standard laminated. These tapes feature the largest variety of colours, styles and widths, and are perfect for everyday applications. As with all our laminated tapes, the labels will stay affixed in hot, cold, and humid/wet environments such as freezers, microwaves and dishwashers, without fading or falling off.